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FDR Process

Step 1:  Find out if your circumstances are suitable or appropriate for FDR Mediation.

The FDRP will communicate with you and your partner separately, arranging for you to provide initial screening information. They will also speak with you in a serious of phone contacts and face-to-face pre-mediation interviews in order to properly assess your circumstances — in order to ensure that FDR is appropriate and likely to achieve what you are hoping for. It will also help to prepare you for the joint-session FDR process.

Step 2: Agree on what to discuss.

Following the pre-mediation/assessment, arrangements will be made for both parties to participate in a joint-session of mediation. During this process each party has the opportunity for their say and the mediator helps make sure topics and needs are clearly identified, understood and agreed upon.

Step 3: Discuss options and negotiate.

Your FDRP will emphasise a structured, facilitative FDR process to help you keep on track while you explore your issues; examine options; and identify possible solutions.

Step 4:  Workable agreements.

As a result of successful negotiations (which may require more than one joint FDR session) your FDRP (or in some case your legal representative) will provide a written agreement reflecting your solutions from this effort which can then be signed, dated and eventually become a Parenting Plan, or can form the basis of a Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Order.

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