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Mental Health Counselling & Consulting


“Turning Points” is a NSW based private practice providing face-to-face and tele-health service platforms to deliver of a range of clinical mental health services that include: consultations; professional/clinical supervision and distance therapy; as well as, continuing education/training for professionals (workshop/seminar presentations); and contractual/consultive services for agencies, organisations, and small business.


“Turning Points” emphasises a cash for service arrangement with most services. We welcome clients with Medicare and recognise that Medicare funds often enhance the opportunity for consumers to access our services. We believe there are important considerations when proceeding this way, which as consumers you are entitled to know. (Please speak with your therapist during your initial consultation to be fully informed about the issues of having your insurance carrier pay for your mental health services). We are also sensitive to (potential) clients who for whatever reason(s) might have reservations in paying for services with insurance; or for consumers who want or need clinical services, but do not necessarily want to part of the “Mental Health System”.

Face-to-face supervision or therapeutic consultations with individuals & families are provided at 91 Phillips Street (level 6) in Parramatta, NSW.

“Turning Points” also provides Child-Inclusive Consultation associated with Family Dispute Mediation services.



Beyond private face-to-face and/or tele-health consultations to individuals & families,“Turning Points” also provides supervision services. APRHRA, AASW and other professional organisations recommend or require Mental Health professionals to engage with a clinical supervision process as an aspect of professional practice.

Mental Health professionals may seek (clinical) supervision for APHRA or AASW credential requirements; professional development and/or mentoring; to seek guidance with a clinical model or approach; or wish to reflect on their professional practice;  process, discuss, and explore difficult, challenging, or ethical concerns with their cases. Supervision is a welcomed service for solo private practice practitioners who often feel isolated in their work.

Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW, ACSW, MACSW has provided (clinical) supervision to a variety of Mental Health professionals in multiple disciplines for many years. With 35 years experience in a range of settings and professional environments; coupled with notable clinical expertise in hypnosis; and exposure/familiarity to numerous clinical models and approaches, he has focused on providing clinical supervision as a distinct aspect of his private practice service.


Mickey has been a well-received speaker at a variety of workshops and seminars prior to coming to Australia. While he emphasises training seminars focused on clinical hypnosis; he welcomes the opportunity to share his stimulating, provocative and unique perspectives on a wide range of issues associated with the Social Work profession and its impact on mental health service delivery as well. Mickey is interested in a variety of topics including: the role and perception of the Social Work profession in Australia and Clinical Social Work. A listing of previous workshop presentations is available for viewing by clicking on Seminars. Please contact our office to discuss possible training or in-service topics to suit your particular needs or interests.


Beyond private face-to-face and/or tele-health consultations to individuals & families; and (clinical) supervision; “Turning Points” also offers range of clinical and/or contractual consulting services to various health care agencies and organisations. (If your company, business, agency, or organisation is interested in discussing the possibility of contractual clinical services, please contact our office by phone or E-Mail) to discuss and explore your needs.


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