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Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW, ACSW, MACSW is a Clinical Social Worker with a long-standing interest in Ericksonian Approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy which he emphasises in his clinical work. He has received more than 300 hours of post graduate training in clinical hypnosis. He has studied/trained with all the core faculty of the Ericksonian tradition, including: Joseph Barber, Yvonne Dolan, Betty Erickson, Stephen Gilligan, Steve & Carol Lankton, William O’ Hanlon, Michele Ritterman, Sidney Rosen, Ernest Rossi, Kay Thompson, Michael Yapko, and Jeffrey Zieg, in addition to several other internationally recognized teachers of clinical hypnosis. He held Certification with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis from 1994-1997 and served as Vice President of the North Carolina Society of Clinical Hypnosis (NCSCH) from 1999-2001. Mickey was well-known for teaching and training professionals in Ericksonian methods prior to coming to Australia.


In his practice, Mickey has successfully utilised hypnotic approaches to address a wide range of afflictions and human difficulties, including: depression, anxiety, stress, grief work, habit disorders, pain management, trauma, cancer/AIDS, and various types of dysfunction experienced by individuals and families. He has also helped individuals with performance improvements, memory and to enhance aspects of their lives when pathology was not a focus of their concern.

In an effort to dispel the many myths associated with hypnosis, the reader is directed to a variety of related links which I am confident will lead to credible and reliable information about its many clinical uses.

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