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 “Turning Points” Fee Schedule 


AASW            RECOMMENDED             RATE

“Turning Points”            FEE

Initial Consultation:        (60+ Min) $240 (per hr) $180
Subsequent Consultation(s):
(50+ Mins) $240 (per hr) $155
(20-50 Mins)   $125
Concession Rates (only applicable after initial consult)
(50+ Mins) $130
(20-50 Mins) $100
* Couples / Relationship /   Conjoint Therapy $240 (per hr) $175
* Family Therapy $240 (per hr) $200
Group Therapy $75
(Clinical) Supervision $195 (per hr) $155
Group Supervision $130 (per hr) $100
(Medico-Legal) Report Writing $240 (per hr) $240 (per hr)
Consultancy $240 (per hr) TBD (Negotiable)
Training (Seminar/Workshops) $1555 (per day) TBD (Negotiable)

*Not covered by Medicare

Please note, that service times outside of these parameters will be negotiated

The fees for services at “Turning Points” vary according to the type of service (individual therapy, marital therapy, family therapy, group therapy, etc.) and the length of each session. The fee for the Initial Assessment or Consultation (usually 60-75 min) is $180. The fee for a subsequent standard clinical hour (individual session) lasting 45-50 minutes is $155. Shorter (20-50 Min) sessions are adjusted for the shorter duration of time together. For example, if you have a 20-50 minute consultation, the fee will be $125. The fee for a 75-80 minute group therapy session is $75.

Conjoint/Marital & Family Therapy fees are based on 75-80 min sessions. Some agencies providing this service employ a per/person – per/hour fee structure. In an effort to be more competitive, “Turning Points” offers an attractive rate per session — period, regardless of the number of people attending the session. It should be noted however, that Medicare and most private health funds generally do not reimburse for marital or family therapy services in Australia.

“Turning Points” welcomes Medicare mental health care plans (MHCPs) from GP’s, as well as private Teachers Health Fund and its sub-brand UniHealth Insurance. In all cases, full payment to “Turning Points” is expected at the time of service (unless other arrangements have been made previously, such as monthly billing). Medicare rebates or reimbursement from your private health fund occurs subsequently in accordance with the terms of your policy. “Turning Points” accepts cash, EFPOS and many credit cards as forms of payment.

Please note: While these rates are among the most competitive in the region, “Turning Points” is open to negotiating fees in order to accommodate unique or unusual circumstances.

(Fees subject to change without notice)

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