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In addition to his private practice efforts, Mickey Skidmore has served as an instructor of Psychology and Sociology at several private and community colleges in North Carolina prior to coming to Australia. Mickey served as an Adjuct Professor at Lenoir Rhyne College teaching Sociology courses, and was appointed to the rank of Visiting Lecturer for the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the Summer 2000 term. His teaching experiences from the United States are listed below:


Mickey has joined the staff of Western Sydney University (WSU) as a Casual Academic in the following capacities:

Casual Academic

-Social Work (Qualifying) Field Education 1: (23 July 2018-15 Dec 2018)

-Contemporary Social Work Practice: (Guest Tutorial 21 Sept 2018)

-Social Work (Qualifying) Field Education 2: ( 11 June 2019-Dec 2019)

Social Work (Qualifying) Methods 1: (02 March 2020-31 July 2020);

(03 March 2021-31 July 2021)

-Social Work (Qualifying) Methods 2: (02 March 2020-31 July 2020);

(03 March 2021-31 July 2021)

-Social Work (Qualifying) Integrated Project: (20 July 2020-05 Dec 2020);

(17 July 2021-31 Dec 2021)

-External FE2 Supports (23 Aug 2021 – Dec 2021)

Mickey has also joined the staff of the University of Wollongong (UOW) as a Casual Academic in the following capacities:

-SOWK 916 – Professional Practice Placement  (10 May 2021 – 26 Oct 2021) [Liaison Tutor & External Supervision]

-SOWK 410 – Professional Practice Placement (28 June 2021 – 10 Dec 2021) [Liaison Tutor & External Supervision]

Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW, ACSW, MACSW welcomes the opportunity to teach at the college level and would consider invitations to teach from any college institution in the area, provided his schedule could accomodate the needs of the institution. Colleges in the Sydney area are  encouraged to contact him if they are interested in an experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic instructor, who can bring numerous real life applications from his clinical practice and experiences as a Clinical Social Worker.

Interested parties can contact him by phone: 9861 0012 or E-Mail

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