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Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW, ACSW, MACSW has offered presentations for numerous organisations and has been a well-received speaker at a variety of workshops and seminars prior to coming to Australia.

Below is a list of presentations he has provided in the past:


“The Use of Hypnosis in the Recovery of Incest and/or Sexual Abuse” “A Demonstration of the Use of Hypnosis in the Recovery of Incest and/or Sexual Abuse” Presented at the 1992 Southeastern Regional VOICES Conference October 22-25, 1992, Greenville, North Carolina.

“Medical Applications of Clinical Hypnosis/Trancework” Presented 12/16/92: Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, North Carolina Presented 05/05/93: Cherry Hospital, Goldsboro, North Carolina Presented 10/06/94 & 11/08/94: Pardee Memorial Hospital, Hendersonville, NC

“A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management” Presented 09/11/93: Eaton Corporation, Selma, North Carolina

“An Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis Approaches/Trancework” Presented 03/29/94: MAHEC, Asheville, North Carolina Presented 03/03/95: EAHEC, Greenville, North Carolina Presented 07/27/99: Clinical Social Work Institute, Wilmington, NC

“An Orientation to the Personal Growth & Development of the Therapist” “The Utilization of Self-Hypnosis for Stress Management” “Using Self-Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Healing” Presented 05/4-6/94: Area L AHEC, Rocky Mount, North Carolina as part of … Taking Care of the Therapist: A Conference for Mental Health Professionals

“Healing With Hypnosis” Presented 8/20-21/94: Radison Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina Presented 9/24-25/94: with David O. Navarre, LMSW-ACP: Austin, Texas Presented 8/19-20/95: Charleston Marriot Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina

“The Mechanics and Language of Trancework” Presented 12/14/94: MAHEC, Asheville, North Carolina

Mind-Body Trancework: Emerging Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis” Presented 07/14/95: MAHEC, Asheville, North Carolina Presented 11/10/98: NWAHEC, High Point University, Madison Park Campus Winston-Salem, North Carolina Presented 07/28/99: Clinical Social Work Institute, Wilmington, NC

“Demistifying the use of Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy” Presented 11/11/97: Frye Regional Medical Center, South Campus, Hickory, NC

“Applications of Hypnosis in Psychotherapy” Presented 4/17/98: Frye Regional Medical Center, Hickory, NC

Extending the Enchantment: Metaphorical Approaches to Hypnosis & Psychotherapy” Presented 6/29-30/00: NWAHEC, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

A New Grief Work Model: Beyond Death & Dying” (APS Recognised)  Presented         08 April 2014; 17 April 2017: Liverpool, NSW.

“Personality Disorders” (APS Recognised)  Presented 06 May 2014; 15 May 2014: Liverpool, NSW.


Hypnosis Supervision Group

2004 Regional Hypnosis Group Training Series.


Mickey is especially interested in offering his views and insights regarding the role and perception of the Social Work profession in Australia; Clinical Social Work; and systemic views of in-patient psychiatric hospital programs.

If you wish to inquire about Mickey Skidmore presenting any of these or other seminar topics, please E-Mail to inquire about the availability for workshop presentation and scheduling your event. Mickey is available for training and workshop/seminar presentations anywhere in Australia given adequate notice.


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