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Mediation Fees

“Turning Points” Counselling Centre is a private practice offering FDR Mediation services. Unlike Family Relationship Centres or certain NGOs, we receive no funding from the Australian Government. While some FDR services in these organisations may be provided with little or not cost, the waiting time for a slot can be rather considerable. For many parents waiting for months or longer — without contact with their children is simply unbearable. Our aim is to offer services far sooner and to keep you out of a contested Court process. Our services come at a fraction of the cost of protracted litigation, which can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Fees for standard FDR Mediation emphasising a Child-Focused approach are based on $200 per hour rate. FDR joint sessions are usually scheduled for 3-4 hours to allow for issues to be fully discussed. Based on this packaged services are offered and detailed below:

Initial Phone Consultation(s): FREE
Pre-Mediation Interview – Assessment / Intake: $250 per person [60-90 Min]
Initial Joint FDR Session: $800 per person [3-3.5hrs] (includes prep & write up agreements)
Subsequent FDR Sessions (as needed): $200 per/hr per person


Fees for Child-Inclusive approaches are based on additional therapeutic training and experience and thus slightly adjusted to reflect a base of $250 per hour rate. A Child Specialist consulting package of $1,500.00 ($750 per person) includes the following:

Initial Phone Consultation(s): FREE
Specialist Consultations with each parent: [60-90 Min]
Specialist Consultation with child/ren: [60-120 Min]
Joint Specialist Feedback Consult with FDRP & Parents: [60-90 Min]

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