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Mediation Fees

“Turning Points” Counselling Centre is a private practice that no longer offers FDR Mediation services.

Fees for Child-Inclusive consultation are based on specialised therapeutic training and experience and reflect a base of $250 per hour rate. A Child Specialist consulting package of $1,500.00 ($750 per person) includes the following:

Initial Phone Consultation(s): FREE
Specialist Consultations with each parent: [60-90 Min]
Specialist Consultation with child/ren: [60-120 Min]
Joint Specialist Feedback Consult with FDRP & Parents: [60-90 Min]

For additional information; to discuss your matter; or to engage in inquire about Child-Inclusive Consultation associated with your FDR Mediation process, please contact Mickey by E-mail or at 0488 969 687.

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