THE GRAND EXPERIMENT (of American Democracy) IS OVER

Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW, ACSW, MACSW

I recently came across a youtube video by “Politics Girl” entitled: Real Americans, who offered a succinct diatribe about the current demise of American democracy:

Things were supposed to get better …

We had vaccines, and we were supposed to put COVID behind us …

What happened …?

The Republicans happened …

FOX News happened …

The other propaganda and social media networks happened …

Despite blaming the Democrats, it’s these people that keep the crisis going.

If you can’t win based on ideas … you suppress voting through laws and gerrymandering.

If you can’t inspire people to come together … you drive them apart.

If you can’t stop your opponents from helping the people … then you must stop the people from helping themselves.

RED America is done with COVID … but COVID is not done with them.

When will the Republican base realise their party does not care about them?

That their leadership is literally letting them die to keep things in chaos?

Republicans are letting children die to stoke a culture war about masks.

They’ve convinced their followers that they are real “patriots” … but it is just a clear manipulation tactic to pump you up so you feel like the hero and you don’t see that they are the villain.

They don’t care about you.

They are against health care and child tax credits.

They voted for trillions of dollars in tax breaks for the ultra rich … and against raising the minimum wage.

They voted as a block against voter’s rights and equal rights.

They are all in for spending endless money on wars in foreign lands … but question spending money on clean water and crumbling infrastructure at home.

They defunded the IRS so they couldn’t afford to go after the wealthy tax cheats.

They don’t care about you … your family … your well-being.

They care about your vote because they care about their power.

They will lie to you … and steal from you … and control you with fear and anger and blind nationalism.

But, they don’t serve you. You serve them.

And you may not want to see it … but all you have to do is look.


Whether we like each other or not … we’re stuck together.

So, we might as well consider working together.

Believe it or not … we care if you die.

It’s your leaders that don’t.

America is facing the greatest threat to its democracy since its Civil War in the 1800s. The oldest and (previously) strongest democracy on earth is now perilously close to crashing and burning. Australia and the rest of the world should be alarmed at the lack of accountability and level of corruption in the US political system, and the alarming increase of authoritarian sentiment growing all over the world positioning itself to fill the vacuum when the US democratic system falls. While these references are specific to the US political system, there are many emerging parallels in our own system that come into clearer focus every day.

Anyone who saw the recent protests in Canberra would understand that there really are a lot of “angry and alienated” Australians, even if, there are probably only a small number who might contemplate violence.

Their anger in this election campaign is being fed and stoked not just by foreign players but by a larger number of domestic disrupters than we have seen in politics in a long time.

Instead of a serious conversation, however, we have seen a federal government reduce itself to the most partisan, misleading and disreputable of attacks on its opponents on policy. We have also seen it attack, undermine and try to smear with allegations of impropriety those prepared to challenge their message.

As our country is poised to undergo a national election, we should take stock in our own state of affairs, with hopes of averting the type of crisis that is likely to be the death of American democracy.