Mickey Skidmore, AMHSW, ACSW, MACSW

Trumpism and neofascism more generally are both a symptom and a cause of an American political culture and society that is deeply sick with multiple ailments: racism and misogyny, cruelty and greed, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, religious fundamentalism, anti-intellectualism, an obsession with violence and other antisocial and anti-human values. However, these trends are not mutually exclusive to America. Conservative parties and perspectives in many parts of the world in recent years have been shifting increasingly towards authoritarian governments and political systems and likewise, democracies increasingly declining or under threat.

Having recently gone through a national election where the electorate voted for a change in the national administration, we should not be complacent about how these issues are creeping into Australian politics and the fabric of our society.

Below are noteworthy observations from America, which are being amplified with public hearings from the January 6 committee. Let’s hope that Aussies can keep such mentality at bay.

Republicans (in America) are angry.

So very, very angry.

Deranged White Man Syndrome has not yet been listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but it’s just a matter of time (with the obsession of Replacement Theory being among the more prominent symptoms).

Seriously, these dudes (and they are mostly male-gendered persons) are on a rampage of rage and loathing which cannot be healthy….

Living in a constant tantrum must be exhausting for Republicans. I suspect that somewhere in the deep recesses of their brains, they know that while they may hold power at the moment, the world is changing.

And they can’t stand it.

Let’s hope they get serious therapy: This is a sick, sick, sick bunch of people.

And while they do not accurately reflect the views of most, they are savvy and manipulative at exploiting their corruption at the local levels and amplifying their voice of the minority — in particular in the realm of social media.

The recent over turning of Roe versus Wade by the US Supreme Court is believed by many to be only the beginning of their efforts. Any previous precedents around privacy issues (reproductive health care; same sex marriage; inter-racial marriages) are potentially at risk for review and revision following the same logic.

Watch this space …